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All over the place.

2008-10-31 17:35:13 by HikorutheWayWardWind

Hentai, most view it as some immature illustrated picture of nudity, and just because of such a simplistic idea these mocho morons have to go and decide to degrade another's life styles. "He spanks his monkey to drawn pRon, lolz." That my viewer is what you call an insecure, emasculate, comment of the typical Newgrounds asshole. I am curious, what breeds and creates these vile Neanderthals that the world would surely do better without? The internet was designed for more than one reason, messaging, information, but it has become a source of entertainment over the years, and of many more things. Usually most of these ass holes are probably drunk frat boys to scared about securing their masculinity in order to score the last resort chick that has the clubbed foot and a missing eye, go get her fags. But even then they do not understand the reason for the existence of Hentai. Hentai was originally created because actual pornography was banned and still is from Japan. My notes might not be exact, but that is clearly the reason. As for my second issue, you masturbate to jackass, you may have a loving doe eyed beauty, but you know your one inch prick isn't going to keep her by your side for long. I hate when others debase another's self esteem by saying, lol you masturbate, or some unintelligible comment such as that. I'm not sure what brings spammers, cheaters, scum bags and other filth, but I question the usage of flash now-a-days. There are great ideas and beautiful pieces many gifted and patient artists complete. I'm a fan of Sick Death Fiend's work, like Dead Rain, and his hand in helping with the Doom project. I enjoy Johnny Utah's work also, Tank men being hilariously enjoyable. But the true reason I'm here is we need to do something about these ass holes, and how some works of crap even so much as get submitted, it's like a special kid drawing a stick figure and posting it in a professional art gallery. I'll admit my rants might seem like bitching, but I believe it is humane to criticize and ramble, but out right saying something sucks without any thought as to give constructive criticism is nothing more than the babbling diaper pissers who act like two year olds rather than their proper age.

hmm....good half of a page in word, I think I'll go crap gold consider to the turds on this site.



P.S. bring on the hate mail, and please, no retards, NO RETARDS I SAY.


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2009-02-08 14:34:57


HikorutheWayWardWind responds:

Despite this a late respond, thank you for actually reading this. I plan to purchase a microphone, and find a decent enough artist to animate a simple rant, similar to this one, though maybe a different subject entirely. Anyways, thanks for reading.